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Thank You TAMAR Inc.

I’ve never really been one for rules or to be placed in boxes for that matter… and even at forty years of youth, some might say I’m a little rough around the edges. You’ll never fit in when you’re meant to stand out. I started my first business in high school selling poems, while most of my peers were focused on partying and hanging out.

I was introduced to TAMAR Inc. after I started my graphic design company Surreal Imagery. TAMAR is unique in the sense that it leverages the strengths of the individuals to help them develop and grow stronger by developing self-esteem and confidence to become a better person. And even much more important than that TAMAR empowered those people with business skills and knowledge to create their own companies.

If it wasn’t for TAMAR, I probably would have just settled for being someone’s employee instead of being a guiding light to show people how to create and live a healthy lifestyle on their terms. 2jHolla LLC is only one flower in the selfless garden of TAMAR Entertainment Inc.

Jarvis Holland

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