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For Your Soul's Sake"


A Soul Opera coming to a stage near you!​


The Playwright~

     Mary Terry Wiley, (from Orange Mound-Tennessee), a nurse with over eighteen years of psychiatric experience. She was that young mother with the vision. She continues to work with women and children even today. The play, that her vision inspired, "For Your Soul's Sake," was written more than twenty years ago, and was placed on hold. Its revival and the desire to share some of life's truths were triggered with the onset of HMO's and new medical limitations relating to services for psychiatric services. She has come to realize that many women are burdened and emotionally shattered by problems that easily might be overcome if they just had a moment to step back and look into their inner selves.

     With statistics increasing each year, the play was written and designed to be a subtle therapeutic and cathartic play written from women experiencing social and emotional dilemmas. Within its content the author has taken statements, excuses, and thoughts of women from all walks of life and incorporated them into six vignettes complete with costumes and music. The most exciting reactions from audiences of all ages, who have seen the play, is the fact they are able to identify with the characters and their messages, especially men.

     If you have an interest in ways to address these social issues and are interested in financially assisting this project we welcome an opportunity to speak with you. Be advised that this is not just another every day play, but an attempt to give insight by examining the natural dysfunctional nature of society. Talented young adults assisted and influenced every aspect of this production!

     The general response from audiences since we began to promote "For Your Soul's Sake" has been, "I really did not know what to expect, it's great!" "I had no idea it would be this good." "I thought it was just like all of the other shows."

     This is not simply a stage play; it is an encounter, unlike anything most people have experienced. The show evokes deep reflection, sorrow and emotional reactions withing than anything you can remember.

Words are simply inadequate. The artistic message of "For Your Soul's Sake is a rarity today. Each character's story is dramatically beautiful, sensitive and profoundly engaging.

     This is not a "Christian" play, in the sense that it will only appeal to those who identify themselves with followers of Christ. It is a deeply human and beautiful story that will touch all men and women. It is a profound work of are presented unlike anything that has been written or produced in recent years.

This production is composed of seven spellbinding and uniquely different stories designed to offer insight into seemingly ordinary problems that create extra ordinary havoc in the lives of women.
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