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Mama I.C.Y's House

An after school special presented by Tamar Entertainment Inc. Mama Icy's House deals with the issues of bullying and violence...

Mama I.C.Y.'s (Inner City Youth) house is an educational film on the subject of bullying, written by Mary Terry Wiley in the 80's because of her deep passion to spread healthy self esteem practices to our youth. It is dedicated to all of the women (Mama's) in the community that work tirelessly to steer our youth toward positive aspirations in life. Although Mama ICY's house was filmed in the 80's, bullying has risen to an all time high making this film relevant to today's society. The writer, Mary, has served her community by offering a Young, Gifted and Black program which included theatre, dance and music as well as hosted her own youth authority radio show for young teens in her community. Mary has been a speaker at various schoold district assemblies focusing on bullying and classroom behavior for teachers and students. She continues to shine her light everywhere she goes imparting wisdom and the knowledge to take back our communities one child... one parent at a time!

If you would like us to host a showing of this 15 minute film for your youth group along with a question and answer group session with writer Mary Terry Wiley...don't hesitate to give us a call or email us for booking.
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