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Entertainment that Educates!


Tamar Entertainment Inc.

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Mary Terry-Wiley (Tasby)


Meet Our CEO 


Motivational Speaker, Mentor, Playwright, Director, Nurse and Evangelist


Ms. Wiley is a thirty year nursing administrator who has worked in supervisory positions such as: Director of Nursing, Head of Public Relations, and Marketing for several hospitals. Ms. Wiley has been conducting and facilitating workshops on drug abuse, mentally challenged children, women issues, teen violence, parenting, and overall personal development for several years. In addition to that, Mary has also created and successfully implemented several mental health related businesses. 


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Celebrate Yourself


A Behavior Managemnt Plan and Leadership Development Program




Online Television


After school specials and radio interviews presented by Tamar Entertainment Inc.




Profound works of art presented unlike anything that has been written or produced in recent years






Various workshops and classes for children and adults covering a wide range of topics



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Tamar Entertainment Inc. has literally been my lifesaver. I have been with TEI for nineteen years.. I committed to working with Mary Terry-Wiley and  Sheryl Holland in 2002 on upcoming tour show, “For Your Soul’s Sake”…little did I know, that particular audition would lead to the actual betterment of my soul. The love this company fosters has nurtured me not only as a creative artist but as a business woman. I am grateful for this divine connection and pray that people all across the world will be able to experience the power that Tamar Entertainment Inc. possesses!


Crystal Stone

CEO of C. Stone Management


My name is Troy Barnett. I am the CEO of Phat Barz Records and Multimedia L.L.C. As a young man growing up in the inner city areas of Houston Texas, also known as the hood, lots of options and choices were presented to me. I made some good ones; I made some bad ones, but the best choices that eventually saved me from the worst case scenarios, were due to the teachings and guidance of the founders of Tamar Entertainment! They helped shape me into the man that I am today, and I'm grateful because I get to pour that same positivity into my son. Thanks Mary and Sheryl!


Troy Barnett

CEO of Phat Barz Records


One of the greatest principles I have learned from working with Tamar Entertainment is that, Greatness is defined by how you inspire others to find themselves. Through my work with Tamar Entertainment I grew to truly understand and value ME and know that the Power Lives In ME, so all the fears and doubts don’t have a chance if I don’t give in to that deception. I found inner peace and live a much healthier life.And because I dedicated myself to the process to real healing, I am now a sports business owner teaching and mentoring kids through the same program using my passion of basketball as the tool.


Laquita Thompson

CEO of Xtreme Heat Sports Management 


Meet Our CFO


Mrs.Holland holds a Master’s Degree in Counseling, and she is also a Licensed Professional Counselor. She has over thirty years of experience in the education and counseling in public schools and the higher education. She has worked as a manager and supervisor for most of her professional career. Sheryl has experience in business planning and development of federal grant funded programs, she is a workshop presenter on peer interaction, self-esteem, team building, social and personal enhancement.


Sheryl Bedford-Holland


Speaker, Mentor, Counselor and Professor


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Phone Number: 832-779-1768  /  Email:

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